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Self-Defense in Tucson AZ

September 29, 2016

Cardio Karate / Kickboxing

Cardio Karate is a fun, aerobic workout comprised of simple self defense techniques, punches and kicks. Students work at their own pace, developing basic self defense skills and burning calories. Cardio Karate / Kickboxing Mon. & Wed. 7:00 – 8:00 p.m. This extremely popular class is part of our unique BagWorks Fitness program.  Get ready to trim down, shape up, get moving and have FUN!  Exercise in a high-energy, music-filled environment while learning boxing moves, kickboxing techniques, and karate basics while using aerobic movement.  See our Bagworksfitness web site for more information. This is a moderate-paced, no belts, no uniform, […]
September 29, 2016


Jujitsu was created by the Japanese samurai caste for hand-to-hand combat. Translated, it means “the soft art”. Jujitsu emphasizes the use of leverage and technique to overcome an opponent. It’s a comprehensive system of hand-to-hand combat skills: punching and kicking, throws and escapes, weapon defenses, ground fighting, and rolling and falling techniques. Because of its wide range of skills (striking, grappling, throwing, falling, joint locks and chokes) jujitsu is a very effective form of self-defense. In fact, most of the defensive tactics that are taught to the armed forces and police departments of many countries are derived from jujitsu. Kodenkan […]
September 29, 2016
Women self defense

Women’s Self-Defense in Tucson AZ

A 2-day course designed to empower and educate women. The focus of this series is to learn and practice methods that may decrease the likelihood of becoming a victim through education as well as the use of physical techniques. Welcome to the Kodenkan of Tucson positioned in Tucson, Arizona. At the Kodenkan of Tucson we’ve offered expert instructions in a number of fighting techinques to decades of Tucsonans for over 45 years. Now with the conclusion of our 5, 000+ rectangular ft . facility at Broadway and Pantano, were Tucson’s most significant and hottest dojo (style school). The Kodenkan of […]